For South Sudanese children in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda, Artolution programs provide an important platform to tell their stories to the world and form positive connections.

This film by Global Citizen features Artolution's work in Syrian refugee camps in the Middle East. It premiered at the 2017 Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, NYC. 

We joined forces with Escola Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Children from communities where violence persists designed and created creature masks reflecting their identity in a world without violence.

In 2018, Artolution partnered with UNICEF USA to facilitate the Rohingya Mural Exchange Project. New Yorkers came together to paint a large-scale mural, exchanging messages of hope through art with Rohingya children. In turn, more than 100 Rohingya children illustrated their response - dreams of living together in harmony - on another mural.

Artolution joined forces with 3 local artists in Santiago, the Dominican Republic, to work with some talented and energetic teenagers in the marginalized community of Rafey, which centers around a giant city trash dump. Together, they collected durable trash and repurposed it as a colorful work of public sculpture that doubled as a percussion instrument.

This NTV News spot features Artolution’s program in the Bidibidi Refugee Camp in northern Uganda, in which local artists lead public art programs to refugee children.

Artolution brings community art programs to Rohingya children in the Balukhali refugee camp in Bangladesh. Our team of local Rohingya artists is now leading arts-based programs with youth in the camps year-round.

Film about Artolution’s 2018 mural project in the East Village, NYC, created with LGBTQ youth and those with autism from 2 local high schools. By Vince Perretti.

The Adding Color To Lives initiative: Park Inn by Radisson hotels team up with Artolution's Joel Bergner to work with youth in foster care, drug rehab, orphanages and other vulnerable situations in Poland, Estonia, South Africa and more. This program connects youth with positive adults in their community through the arts. 

An introduction to Artolution’s work by Newsy, featuring projects in Syrian refugee camps, bringing together Palestinian and Israeli youth, and addressing critical social issues in marginalized communities across the globe.

The "Foundstrument Soundstrument Biology Workshop" is a project in Escola Vidigal, an early-childhood center founded by artist Vik Muniz, in partnership with Artolution and Columbia University, featuring Max Frieder.

Time Lapse of the Street Art with Street Kids project in London. The world’s most vulnerable citizens advocate for their fellow homeless youth through the arts. Partnership with Street Child United; featuring Artolution's Joel Artista (Joel Bergner) and local artists and youth. 

Palestinian and Israeli youth in Jerusalem work together to design and paint a communitymural, which is then installed at the US Consulate: “Building the Realization of a Common Humanity”. Featuring Artolution's Max Frieder and Joel Bergner. 

This film by UNICEF highlights the role of art in the healing process for children affected by war and displacement. 

Exhibition and Presentation of the Peace Square Palestinian and Israeli Reconciliation Mural at United Nations Building. Painted by bereaved families of both sides during the 2014 Gaza War; facilitated by Artolution's Max Frieder. 

Trailer for a documentary about the Kibera Walls for Peace youth arts project with children in one of Africa's largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Working with Artolution's Joel Bergner, they created public art encouraging peace in their country during the election season, following the widespread violence that erupted after the previous election.

The Graffiti Peace Train! Story by Arise TV: In Nairobi, Kenya, local graffiti artists led by Bankslave join forces with Artolution's Joel Bergner and local kids from the Kibera Slum to create a giant work of train art advocating for peace between rival ethnic and political factions during a tense election season. 

The children's television program Greenwood Village Kids Ink! interviews Artolution's Max Frieder about his work.

Washington, D.C. - Teens from both sides of the Anacostia River collaborate to create a 55 ft. long mural with the goal of envisioning a healthy city, community and neighborhood for all residents. Facilitated by Artolution's Max Frieder. 

In commemoration of the murder of Principal Yousef Haj Yihya of Amal Taibe High School in Israel, Artolution's Max Frieder worked with a group of 10th -12th grade students to address violence in their community through a public mural, giving them an opportunity to work through their pain, shock and anger to get to laughter and optimism. Project with the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

CNN feature on Artolution’s programs in the Syrian Refugee Camps

CBS This Morning news feature on Artolution’s program in the East Village, NYC, with LGBTQ youth and those with autism.