Uganda: Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement

Artolution began working within the BidiBidi Refugee Settlement in early 2019 after an opportunity to expand to Africa, a longstanding goal of Artolution, emerged in late November 2018 through partner organizations Education Above All and UNHCR. The Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, located near Uganda’s northwest border with South Sudan, was established in 2016 to host a rapid influx of South Sudanese refugees. The population increased rapidly, until it was the largest refugee settlement in the world. As of June 2018, of the nearly 287,000 refugees who live in the settlement, more than 60% are under the age 17 (UNHCR Uganda Refugee Response Monitoring Settlement Fact Sheet Bidi Bidi,

2019 Projects

February | Tuajij Primary School, Bidi Bidi R.S.

Artists Include: Max Frieder, Co-Founder | Artist Team Bidi Bidi



Co-Founder, Max Frieder, visited the Tuajiji Primary School in Zone 1 where he introduced Artolution’s global community, collaborative works of art and methodology. On day one of his arrival, Max was meant just to tour the facilities as stated on the project’s agenda, however enthusiasm for the Artolution project spread quickly around the school, and so, due to the excitement Artolution’s work began on the spot!

Max started the Zone 1 project with a team of 18 local artists-in-training, a school population of nearly 3,000 youth and the promise to paint one wall. When the project was finished, this group had painted 3 large-scale murals, 5 buildings, and engaged more than 400 students in workshops, mural painting, and the creation of the Tuajiji “Elephantstrument”!

Special thanks to Artolution’s partners for these projects in Zone 1

UNHCR Uganda (@unhcruganda)

Education Above All Foundation (@educationaboveall_eaa)

Windle International (@windleuganda)

March | Alaba Primary School

Artists Include: Joel Artista, Co-Founder | CJ Thomas, Dance Performance Artist

Uganda Bidibidi low film.jpg

Mural Art with Joel Bergner

Co-Founder, Joel Bergner, returned to the BidiBidi Refugee Settlement for Phase 2 and focused on training nine of the original artists, a local program coordinator, and a lead facilitator. The local program coordinator allows Team BidiBidi to continue ongoing programs, ensuring sustainability of Artolution in the region. During his visit, the team and youth participants painted three large-scale murals, 4 buildings, and one wall at the Alaba Primary School in Zone 2. Additionally, a 4-person film team was developed out of the passion of the youth identified through interactions and spontaneous workshops provided by our visiting film crew from Kenya.

During April 2019, Artolution’s Team BidiBidi completed their own independent mural project at the Luzira Bright View Primary School that impacted nearly 300 youth. Our film team was recently funded for 8 weeks and recently sent back images of the new equipment that they received: a laptop, tripod, and sound-boom. The film team plans to document the  stories of their community - youth, adults, and elders, alike - ultimately presenting their work in outdoor community film nights.

Special Thanks to Artolution’s Partners for these Projects in Zone 1

UNHCR Uganda (@unhcruganda)

Education Above All Foundation (@educationaboveall_eaa)

Windle International (@windleuganda)

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