Marginalized Populations Building Resilient Communities

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The Challenge

Across the world, people on the margins of their societies yearn for more economic, social and political power. Many young people face particularly dire circumstances in which they lack a basic sense of security and the right to quality education.

Our Impact

Our work is founded in the belief that the arts are a powerful tool for the world’s most marginalized citizens to strive for economic justice, a peaceful democratic process and equality for the disenfranchised. Artolution programming has provided creative platforms to street youth from around the world; residents of slum communities in India, Brazil and Kenya; juveniles in detention centers in the United States; adolescents in group homes in Poland; Palestinian children raised in conflict; and kids living in orphanages in Peru and South Africa. By teaming up with local artists and community organizations, Artolution projects focus on connecting young people with positive adults in their community. Participants have the opportunity, often for the first time in their lives, to make their voices heard and make a positive contribution to their society, transforming youth from victims of their circumstances to agents of social change.

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