Across this diverse region, youth, families and community groups have partnered with Artolution artists to create colorful, dynamic murals and community sculptures that tackle some of society’s most enduring challenges. Through these community-based public art projects, a post-conflict rural village in El Salvador explored its past and dreamed of a future of peace and stability; orphans in Lima’s rough suburbs transformed their home into a colorful masterpiece; and street youth from around the world created murals together in Rio de Janeiro, finding creative ways to connect with those with whom they shared a common struggle but not a common language.

Since 2009, Artolution has been dedicated to organizing initiatives that support community empowerment in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru.

An ongoing program in Rio’s troubled City of God community has engaged dozens of youth, connecting them with local elders to explore their shared history. Indigenous and low-income communities in Mexico have addressed critical environmental and social issues through the arts. Young people and families displaced by the Colombian conflict have created murals and a sculptural percussion instrument made from found objects and repurposed trash. Though the peoples of the Americas may live in diverse environments and have distinct cultures, these dynamic projects demonstrate that there is a common passion for finding creative ways to address social issues, celebrate culture and empower the future generation of leaders. Thanks to the partners who made these projects possible: Meridian International Center, Centro Leon, Isla Urbana, ConcentrArte, IRRI, Street Child United, Paróquia Cristo Rei and ASVI (Cidade de Deus).