Greece: Moria and Samos Island

Our team of artists have been working within several refugee camps that reside in Greece since 2018. Each work of art is inspired and curated from the people who chose to participant in each project. Each art project tells a story of the people who help finish it and has a specific goal in mind whether that is to help displaced populations integrate into their new communities, help to eliminate gender inequality in the community, promote public health initiatives, or assist participants in healing from trauma through art expression.

As of January 2019, more than 21,000 refugees from over ten countries in conflict have fled to the refugee camps of Samos and Lesbos islands in Greece on the border of Turkey. There are 3,637 unaccompanied and separated children in Greece but only 1,210 age-appropriate shelters available.

2019 Projects

MARCH Moria Refugee Settlement on Lesvos Island

Artists Include: Max Freider, Co-Founder and Team Lead | Katie Holmes, Global Ambassador and Performance Artist | Emma Altman, Apparel and Costume Designer | Moria Refugee Artolution Artist Team


Mural and Performance Art with Katie Holmes & Max Frieder

Artolution returned to Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos, Greece with Artolution’s Global Ambassador, Katie Holmes. She taught performance to women refugees while Co-founder Max Frieder led a large-scale mural project and Artolution artist, Emma Altman led costume design collaborative art experiences.

More than 60 participants from Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria engaged in the creative experiences.

The project led by Katie Holmes incorporated performance, costumes, and a large scale mural were created from ideas generated by participants of resilience, coexistence, and their dreams for the future. In preparation for the project, Ms. Holmes helped Artolution to raise more than $5,000 for Artolution’s Return to Greece Fundraiser on Facebook (Return To Greece Fundaraiser)

Ms. Holmes summarized her experience on Instagram (@katieholmes212) in a series of photos and captions, where she was shown painting, being filmed, and holding a refugee child who was engaged in an activity. Ms. Holmes wrote: “I am so grateful for this experience of working with and getting to know this incredible women in Moria Refugee Camp, their hearts are so kind.”

Through these projects, Artolution was able to further established multicultural Artolution refugee artist team with refugee artists from countries around the world to promote and implement ongoing local programs for refugee youth, empower women and youth to take charge of promoting gender equality by fostering resilience through skills-based projects painting, costume design and performance and engaged over 60 residents in the Moria Refugee Settlement projects to allow them to share stories and integrate with each other cultures and promote healing from trauma they have experienced in their lives.

Special Thanks to Artolution’s Partners for these Projects in Moria

Euro Relief (@eurorelief)

All4Aid (@all4aid)

One Happy Family (@OHFLesvos)

Refugee 4 Refugees (@refugee4refugees)

SAMOS ISLAND Refugee Settlement

Artist: Max Freider, Co-Founder


Mural Art with Max Frieder

In the mural project, Co-founder of Artolution, Max Frieder, engaged local youth participants in a conversation based in reflection. The participants spoke about their life experiences, violence they had witnessed and issues with gender equality. From this conversation spanned a very unique concept that figuratively describes the feelings and sensations of being displaced and a feeling of being stuck between the developed and developing world.

It was determined by the participants that the freedom of the sea is what allowed the boats of refugees who made it across the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, to cross the gap in displacement and also in their mural, the local youth wanted to represent this feeling of displacement to refer to a ship. Through this project, the youth refugees were able to come together in their community and use art expression to face trauma that they had experienced in their lives.

The project focused on gender equality and community integration. Through its production it brought together various participants including 3 men from the Congo, 4 Men from Afganistan, a woman from Syria, a family from Gaza, a man from Iran, and a Greek police officer in full riot gear.

Special Thanks to Artolution’s Partners for these Projects in Samos

Refugee 4 Refugees (@refugee4refugees)

Action For Education: The Banana House (@bananahousesamos)

Samos Volunteers