Gender Equality Through the Arts

The Challenge

Around the world, women and girls face gender-based violence, harassment, sex trafficking, glass ceilings in the workplace and various other manifestations of gender inequality. Many women and men alike are concerned with these issues, but don't know how to address them on the local level in order to work toward solutions. Often, traditions and taboos make it challenging to even begin the discussion. 

Our Impact

Artolution is dedicated to promoting gender equality through our community-based public art projects, designed to serve as real-life examples of environments in which all participants respect one another and have equal power and an equal voice. Collaborative art-making is a unique and effective way to mobilize and empower all citizens to strive for a just society, and many of our projects specifically address issues related to gender inequality. Through Artolution programming, citizens across the world have used public art as a tool to address issues of gender inequality and subsequent gender-based violence in their communities. 

In 2016, girls and boys in slum communities in Delhi and Mumbai, India, participated in Artolution projects in which they had the opportunity to explore how issues like gender-based violence, female infanticide and street harassment had been playing out in their communities and wider society. They took these ideas and created a series of murals and public performance pieces. In West Bengal, survivors of sex trafficking and local artists raised awareness for the human trafficking epidemic in South Asia through dance performances and a large-scale mural, as part of an international conclave to combat this crime as well as the social stigma that survivors face upon returning home. In Mexico, residents in a rural town painted a mural that addressed domestic violence as it affected their lives, envisioning their goals for healthy relationships and taking a stand against gender-based violence. Going forward, Artolution will continue to focus on promoting gender equality through its programming around the world.