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Help Artolution with Upcoming Projects

Be a part of the Artolution! The upcoming projects listed below are designed to educate and help heal local residents through community art, and they need your help! In addition, to donating yourself you can help in several ways:

  1. Create a fundraising page on Facebook to help fund one of Artolution’s projects. You can directly help continue our mission of providing assistance to displaced individuals through art. It takes under 1 minute to create a fundraiser and share it with your Facebook followers.

  2. Donate to Artolution by clicking on the donate button to help fund one of our upcoming 2019 projects!

  3. Follow and share Artolution’s social media accounts to spread the news about Artolution! Our accounts feature photos of our projects and glimpses into the lives of people from around the world!

  4. Ask your company to sponsor an project, event or match your fundraiser! For each movement and event listed below, we have many unique opportunities for collaboration and sponsorship. Please contact our events team to find out how your organization can participate.

Artolution’s Upcoming Projects


2019 Summer Youth Project

In the summer of 2019, immigrant youth seeking asylum in the US will spend 4 weeks working with Artolution artists to create a large-scale community mural in a prominent location in Manhattan that will “come to life” through augmented reality (AR) technology. Using the tools of art and technology, these youth will share their struggles and their dreams for the future with the world, along the way contributing to the cultural heritage of New York City!

The project will include multiple avenues of art expression including murals, performance, mask-making, animation, augmented reality and a documentary film.

The final portion of the project will be open to the media and public spectators and will include a performance in front of the mural that ties together all aspects of the project.

From the day of the performance forward, visitors to the mural will be able to hold their smartphones up to the mural to access an animated replica of the performance that will begin playing on their screens. The characters in the mural will “come to life” before them emerging from the wall to move and dance in a way that reflects the performance.

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Support Artolution’s Ongoing Programs

One of Artolution’s main goals is to have ongoing projects in communities around the world hosted and built by local Artolution Artists. Please see the ongoing programs listed below to find out how you can help support these different Artolution Artist Teams below so that they can continue to help the residents in their communities grow and learn through community art projects.



Artolution has partnered with UNICEF and has been running on-going programs in the Azraq Syrian Refugee Camp located in Jordan since 2014. Please click the button below to learn more or donate today to help afford supplies to this program.

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Artolution has been running an on-going program at the Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda since x. Through partnership with EAA, UNHCR and Windle, Artolution projects has impacted over x amount of people that reside in this camp. Please click the button below to learn more or donate today to help afford supplies to this program.